Fungal Infections

Fungal infection is a infection that affects the skin, hair and nails. Transmission from an infected animal is more common and with severe clinical symptoms than transmission between humans. The combination of the clinical picture and the culture for fungus from the lesion sets the correct diagnosis.

Χατζηγιαννάκης Ευστράτιος - Δερματολόγος - Ιωάννινα

Features and Comments

Infection of the skin, annular red lesions with mild exfoliation and itching are observed. Characteristic and well-known is the case of variegated dandruff that causes spots on the trunk (usually on the back) of a different color from the surrounding skin.

Infection of the hair by fungi results in their loss locally. This loss is temporary and the hairs regrow after the treatment is completed.

Toenails are affected quite often and especially the toes. Fungal infections of the toes, also known as ‘athlete’s foot’, may coexist. In these cases, the humidity of the toes is very important due to inappropriate shoes, hobbies such as swimming, but also pathological diseases such as diabetes.


Fungal infection is treated with the use of topical and systemic preparations. Particularly persistent and time-consuming in their treatment are onychomycosis of the limbs that require treatment both locally and systematically for 3 to 6 months.

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