Bo-tox or Dysport is a preparation produced by a protein, botulinum toxin and is the most effective anti-aging treatment and improvement of expression wrinkles, such as on the forehead, middle eyebrow, around the eyes “goose foot”, neck and upper lip. This protein acts directly on the skin muscles resulting in a temporary reduction in muscle movement, preventing them from contracting and thus wrinkles gradually disappear.

It is a process that lasts about 20-30 minutes and the first results are visible from the 3rd-5th day, while the final result on the 15th day. The duration of the effect is from 4-6 months depending on the age of the patient, the skin type, as well as the mobility of the facial muscles. A re-check is usually done on the 20th – 25th day, in order to perfect the result. After the application of the treatment, we may notice bruises (bruises) on the application parts or a feeling of heaviness, which, however, subside on their own within a few days and do not pose any risk.

Χατζηγιαννάκης Ευστράτιος - Δερματολόγος - Ιωάννινα

After the application and for the next 4 hours you should:

  1. Stay upright, avoiding lying down.
  2. Avoid rubbing the treatment area.

For the next 2-3 days we should avoid:

  1. Intense exercise
  2. Alcohol
  3. Hot water or air

Wrinkle treatment for younger ages

There is also the Baby Bo-tox or Actors Bo-tox in which we use smaller doses of medicine. It is usually applied to younger people to prevent the formation of wrinkles and to be able to maintain freshness without reducing facial expressions.
We should also emphasize that this treatment is done only by specialized doctors such as Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon.


Wrinkle treatment is the same everywhere and I have found it at a very good price that suits me

Fact: Choosing cheap solutions and offers is dangerous. The quality of the material is important, otherwise we have insufficient and short-lived result.

I am too young to do wrinkle treatment

Fact: The timing of botulinum toxin treatment is not a function of age but of muscle activity. There are people with intense expressiveness with the result that even at a young age they show permanent wrinkles. For this reason we can make a Baby Bo-tox.

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