Viral Diseases

Childhood viral illnesses can affect a localized area of ​​skin or infect the child like common viruses.

Χατζηγιαννάκης Ευστράτιος - Δερματολόγος - Ιωάννινα

Wounds and infectious termite are common in localized diseases:


Both are benign diseases. Warts appear as single or convergent lesions with hyperkeratosis and depending on the area of ​​the body they appear have a corresponding morphology. For example, smooth warts are found on the face. They are smooth papules without severe hyperkeratosis and without particular symptoms. On the contrary, the ants that appear on the soles have intense hyperkeratosis and are painful when walking. The treatment requires persistence and is done with a combination of the use of cryotherapy and topical preparations. However, perineal warts are particularly persistent and resistant to treatment.

Molluscum contagiosum:

They are usually found as individual bumps on the trunk and are easy and quick to treat, as long as there is no re-infection. In all viral diseases of this nature it should be pointed out that skin injury e.g. from constant itching, may result in the appearance of damage at that point.
Systemic viral diseases include the classic childhood diseases such as chickenpox, rubella and measles. In these, the child usually develops the rash after contact with another sick child and after days of fever and general malaise. There are similar symptoms in other viral diseases of this category, but the location and type of rash helps in the differential diagnosis. Such diseases are for example infectious erythema, Gianotti-Crosti and Hand-foot-mouth disease. The treatment, of course after the correct diagnosis, is done as in other systemic viral diseases in combination with laboratory testing.

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